Spy cameras are one of the most effective means of getting the information you need in real time or in recorded version. With the great variety of spy cameras around, you will certainly find yourself with the dilemma of which camera to use. Using what we see in television, we can analyze how people use and install the hidden cameras for their own shows and spy themed reality series.

In most hidden camera shows that are comedy themed, the hidden cameras are most of the time in long distances yards away from a person or the scene in which the prank is set. This is because they use television quality cameras and in very close distances, they can be very obvious. These cameras can zoom in very closely to give the viewers a close up view. The cameras are positioned across the area for the purpose of getting the reaction of the victim of the prank. In some cases, the prank is too minute that it requires the use of hidden cameras. The small spy cameras are very inconspicuous. If you want to achieve a POV shot from above, below or just anywhere nearby, you can use the small hidden cameras so that you can gain access to closer shots and even sounds or voice reactions especially if the prank is done inside areas like public toilets and other enclosed areas.

There are those who use wearable spy cameras. They can be hidden in neckties, in pens, in buttons, in earrings or in necklaces and sunglasses. This is more adaptable to police work where people are trying to corner crooks. It is difficult to have real big cameras positioned and setup in a real situation so the accomplice needs to wear the tools in the efficient manner. The fact is that people are desensitized so much about the spy themes in television that anybody will not really think of a simple pen as a real spy tool.

When you use a spy camera in real life, you need to position it in areas that will most show faces and movements. If the camera is nearby a light source or directly hit by a lamp from across, the light will block the visibility of the camera and it will not provide good imagery. You need to place it on corners of the house, plant pots and even inside cabinets or nearby electronic appliances since it can very much look inconspicuous in these areas.

Remember that your task as a spy is to be discrete and inconspicuous. Your actions and everything you place around the house should not make a person feel conscious. You can use the cameras to get the information you need and these cameras can help you in getting the answers that you seek to find out. With the help of the right positioning of the camera, you can certainly gain the benefits of seeing clearly the images. If there are instructions or preferred ways of using the cameras, follow these rules and benefit from them.

Categorising spy equipment

For doing surveillance

If you have a certain location to check out, you need to have perfect visibility day and night. During the day, you can use your eyes or binoculars but you have to be positioned somewhere significantly inconspicuous. At night, the situation is much different. You need binoculars with infrared technology so that you can see people who might be entering or leaving the premises. You need visibility without giving away your location. Another tool that you can use for surveillance is the GPS technology. GPS is a form of tracking tool the perfectly locates the position of the target. This is possible if you know the phone number of the person or if a tracking tool was placed on the person.

To extract information

To extract information, you can use a number of tools. The most traditional is the wiretapping tool. If you have this connected to the phone, you can locate a person easily. However, it takes a few moments before the call can be traced. The great thing with digital technology and the mobile phone is that you can simply use a small program, install it on your phone and the target’s phone while he or she is not aware of it and then you can now remotely use the phone as a spying tool. You can use this tool to get the information that you need.

Phone and computer

Further analyzing modern technologies, you can use your mobile phone and computer as spy equipment. If you know how the computer, you can easily gain access to a variety of information. Using the person’s accounts over the internet, you can get a background check on the person. It is very easy right now because most have social networking sites, mobile phones and information over the internet. It is a very great time right now to be a spy since anyone who knows how to operate the computer has great access to the great tools that are available online. Once you have extracted them, you can be your very own spy.

Safety and protection

Spies, investigators and even regular people need to be aware of the aspect of self defense. You will never know when things will come up. You need safety tools like pepper sprays, tazers and some self defense and martial arts skills. Being aware is always the business of a spy. You need to be aware if impending danger is coming. You also need to be aware if there are new things coming up from the location or people you are spying on. Aside from high powered spy equipment, you can take advantage of highly reliable tools like your phone, and most importantly, your presence of mind. Your brain is your best tool as a spy as well as your skills and logical thinking.

The best spy tools in the world can be availed online so there is really not much secrets about what kind of technologies you can use. It is all about how you use them where you can really test if they work for your style or not.