As a spy, you want to get the information you want straight from the target’s lips, with no lies and no inhibitions. You want to have proof and evidence of the events happening, the smallest details captured not only by memory but by special tools. If you are a spy or if you wish to spy on someone, you might have thought about getting a camera. We are not talking about mere cameras here. We are talking about cameras that can be used to spy on someone. You might have a cheating husband or a two timing boyfriend. You can gain the power if you have a spy camera by your side or on your target itself.

Our first task is to understand the situation before setting up spy cameras. Is your boyfriend always on the move will you be following him? Is your husband always in a certain place? Are you planning on capturing him in your own house while you are away? There are many conditions that you can think of, the most important thing is analyzing first, the most probable ways he would do such cheating and the next one would be the most unthinkable ways. In spying there is always a room for possibilities. If you know the options, you are well on your way to uncovering the truth on cam.

Say, you felt that he was planning on doing something when he changed his mind about your plans on visiting your parents in which he was just going to stay since he is not feeling well. You know something is up. The good thing is that you have setup hidden cameras on key areas across your home and these are wireless so you can access these data. They can also store a certain number of hour’s worth of video. If you will be traveling long distances, be sure that you get a camera that records the events. Make sure also to set up a microphone so you can have crisper sounds.

You came home the following day, and you see him lying down the couch looking regular like always. He got up and told you he will just go out to buy something. You obliged. You get your disks from the spy cameras. The good thing is that you also setup a camera on his car.  You feel that it will be hours before he turns up again. You get your camera and you cover you view the images. You see that he was calling someone to come over your own place. Then you see what you were expecting to see. It is your personal triumph to unearth the truth.

The spy camera is a tool that can help you get the facts straight and make decisions without missing the important details. It is too bad that you were lied to already but it is worse than in your own home, the act happened.  Your bags are still unpacked you make your decision and that decision can change your life for the better.

Skills a spy should have

There is not much information or information at all about being a spy. It is a unique task, becoming a spy. It is more invasive yet discrete than being a mere snoop and it also requires some skill and level of intelligence. Becoming a spy can help a person uncover truths in a sea of lies and it can also help a person save something he or she dearly loves like his or her job, the family and friends. People right now are much less trusting to other people. People are paranoid. People want to be aware. That is probably a reason why some want to learn and become a spy. There may be secret spy organizations out there. You need not to join them to be your very own spy. By understanding the thought processes involved in becoming a spy, you can learn to become one and enjoy the benefits of being one.

Logical reasoning

In the corporeal world, there is a combination of logic and the unknown. Things work in patterns but the patterns are very difficult to unravel. The spy should always have an open mind. Single mindedness can limit your options. Logical reasoning is very important for people who are trying to unravel truths. Even if you are just looking at a simple matter of your friends hiding secrets from you, you can make an open ended question which will be your hypothesis for the time being. As a spy, your objective is first, to gather information and after gathering enough evidence, you piece the elements together to find the most probable pattern. Your goal is to recognize the elements that interplay and not have biases until the time you uncover a plausible pattern.


Gathering information is not as easy as merely asking questions. You are neither a private investigator nor a licensed one. You need to exert discretion at all times. When you gather information, you need to be concerned not to be seen especially by your target. When you look in your husband’s drawer, you should always check that he is not in the vicinity. If you want to spy on your friends, you need to exert great caution as to how you can get the information that you need. If you do not know how to be discrete, you will end up with the target changing plans, being more careful and you clueless of what the next move could be.

Tools and devices

You need not to despair if you want to be a spy and you wish to unearth the truth. You can use tools and devices so you can easily, get the information, get the facts straight from the person and most importantly, be discrete enough to look like you are just at the right place at the right moment. Invest on hidden and remote cameras, a mobile spy tool and you are all set for the task at hand. You do not need special machinery like a jet pack for the job; all you need is a little bit of skill in concealing and implementing them on your target area.