Visibility and sight enhancement

The military often use tools like binoculars and infrared imaging tools. They often setup a certain proximity in which they will be inconspicuous. They will use these high powered, often electronic tools to give the person precision vision in the dark, where visibility is very bad. For military forces and even security forces, binoculars and infrared technology is very essential. The power of sight is the essential tool for spies. When you have these, day or night, you can do your spy tasks from afar and do surveillance. They tend to be bulky so you need to position yourself at the most advantageous location. Learn the maximum distance in which the tools can reach so you know how distant and inconspicuous you can be.

Audio receptors and enhancers

There are mini satellite tools, wire tapping tools reception blockers that are available also. Modern security forces use these most especially when listening to phone calls coming in when a kidnapping issue happened and the kidnappers are asking for ransom. For regular people, you can most certainly use these tools most especially on the mobile phone. Mobile spy program are available online and they offer great benefits and discretion when in use. A regular person can listen to phone calls from a tapped mobile phone. Not only that, they can also use the mobile phone as a microphone even if the phone is not in use. Voice and communications are very pivotal to spies as they use these as tools to uncover the next move of a person or to uncover facts.

Tracking tools

GPS systems and other tracking tools are very important. We use GPS normally for navigation but now we can use the tracking tools to find the location of a certain person. Using a similar mobile spy tool, you can use mobile signals or Bluetooth signals to pinpoint the location that the person is currently taking. If you are trying to uncover your part5ner’s whereabouts or the location where kidnappers could be present, you can use the tracking tools to easily and more conveniently get the direction and location or be there before your target even gets there.

Self defense and protection

Of course for private investigators and the security forces, it is not enough to have the gadgets for surveillance. Sometimes, they need gadgets to protect themselves in the case they were uncovered. If they are licensed investigators or officers, guns are self defense tools. Of course for a regular person, pepper sprays, irritating liquids and tazers can do the job really well. You can benefit from these tools because as you know, you might be following a death trap if you are on a real spy job.

These tools can help you greatly so that you can be an efficient spy who is capable of getting the information or lead that you need for a case or for a personal matter. Use these tools wisely so that they will not be liabilities for you in the time you need high quality items.

Different kinds of Spy Cameras

Here is a list of great spy cameras that might interest you in your future spying endeavors. Use them well and use them responsively. Information you have as a spy is between you and the target and should never is used neither for public distribution nor to threaten a person.

Wearable cameras

These cameras can be a simple button on your shirt, your eyeglasses, your Bluetooth headset, a pen, or a piece of accessory like a necklace or a watch. Manufacturers are very good in making these very quirky, kind of trivial pieces that you would only see normally on the television. At first glance, you would not notice the small camera lens. Upon closer inspection, you will notice the small lens hidden between the buttons or at the tip of the pen. Since these are worn or held by a person, you need to have control over your handling. If you wear these, try to not to move so much that the video is blurry and headache inducing. These can usually be connected to a computer and downloaded. Once you have done that, you can get your footage. It could take a bit of practice before perfecting the accessory spy camera.

Hidden cameras

The hidden cameras can be secured in the most common areas a person goes to. It could be the shower, inside the closet, on the walk-in closet, hidden by a vase or a flower pot. It could be secured with a waterproof container and hidden on the aquarium. Hidden cameras can also be placed by the dashboard of the car. It could also be disguised as a simple lighter or a small piece of toy. The hidden camera should be positioned well but with enough visibility on the area so that you get the best possible footage.

Security cameras

These cameras are attached on the ceiling. They could either be overt or covert. If you want o use the security camera for spying, make sure that the camera is positioned on the most appropriate location that is most fitting depending on the design of the home or the building. The security camera can also be producing live feeds on multiple locations so set it up well to get the most out of your camera. The hidden camera can be used to easily gain access of outdoor and indoor locations.

Various technologies

The spy camera is available in both black and white and color versions. You can also find a camera that can capture live feeds. these spy cameras need to be connected to a computer or a video recording tool with television to give live feeds and to save all the footage with resilience. The spy camera can also be battery operated so that you can use it on the road or when you are just walking. The camera can also transmit live images wirelessly so you can get images and clips in real time using a specific viewing device.


Be sure to practice discretion when you use or install the spy cameras. Obvious actions can lead to the camera being discovered and your spying is unraveled.