A spy is an individual who can be any person who is searching for relevant information regarding a certain person, event or thing. A spy uses methods that are not used in regular investigation processes.  Becoming a spy is not a mere privilege. It is a big responsibility to uncover information. In some cases, it can border to invasion of privacy. The spy should have a passion for research, analysis and deduction and of course, a savvy in some modern devices that can be used by modern spies to uncover the facts and unearth whatever you plan on getting from the task. Modern spies can be you or anybody else. It is important then to learn how to be discrete and hush hush about your secret life. If you are using this for personal reasons, remember that the information you get here need to be applied effectively to your needs.


The act of surveillance is to be on the lookout. You need to have a skilled eye for that task. You need to spot inconsistencies, you need to spot unique aspects and while all these are happening, you need to conceal yourself perfectly. Surveillance will depend on the location and the extent of the location. Do you want to spy on your husband’s activities when he is alone in the house? Do you want to spy on your wife when she goes to the mall? Whatever your motivations are, understanding the location is necessary. People build habits and whether they are aware of it or not, they develop a certain pattern in their daily travels. You need to be aware of the pattern and see the consistencies and inconsistencies. This will give you a bit of an edge. Surveillance can last for weeks but depending on the turn out and if you see the evidence you are looking for at the first surveillance, you are lucky.

Mobile pursuit

Sometimes you need to travel and be concealed at the same time. Having your own car is a dead giveaway. If that is your husband or wife, it could be very obvious. Using your friend’s car could also pose some suspicion. A rent car or using public transportation can be very good but the latter will be most effective if you can track your target. That is why you need to use mobile trackers. The mobile phone is the perfect tracker that you can use. You just need an opportunity to install a program and you can see where your target is going. If you have this, you can look more inconspicuous. If you have done your surveillance or if your target told you about going somewhere and going the other way, that is the time you might want to drive along.

Mobile tapping

The mobile phone is undeniably the most amazing tool that you can depend on when spying on someone. Right now, there is a spy tool that you can use to spy on somebody and they will never know they were being spied on. All you have to do is to download the program online and install it on your phone and if possible, your target’s mobile phone. It is very inconspicuous. You can listen to phone conversations; you can read mobile messages and check call histories and deleted messages.

Becoming a spy: understanding methods and tools

Most of the time, we see spies in movies, doing what they do best. They go through amazing adventures, conceal themselves perfectly out of sight and ensure that they get the information that they need. They can be highly qualified agents or they could be simple citizens, even kids! Becoming a real spy may not be a real practical profession for many but the skills you can learn from becoming a spy can help you get the right information you need for the job at hand. It could be for the sake of your business, your family and even your own sake. Of course for others it is just for fun but being a spy requires a lot of responsibilities. Once you have learned the skills, you need to be conscientious as to know your boundaries. It is not a matter of good or evil in real life but a matter of what is moral and immoral. You will be crossing some very intimate and personal boundaries when you apply your spy skills so be sure to be well aware of the power and responsibilities you have on your hands.

To become a spy, you need to be aware that you cannot trust anybody with the information you have until you have formulated a concrete plan of action. You need to have a plan and you need to make a backup. Being a spy is like calculating your moves and assessing how the events can turn out at the end of the day. You cannot gather information first hand at all times though. You need to use technology for that matter. In today’s modern lifestyles, mobiles phones, laptops and other convenient gadgets are your best sources of first hand information. To get tap on a mobile phone, you can purchase a mobile spying program that will give you the power to read and listen to mobile conversations. You can also use the mobile phone as a remote microphone so even if the person is not using the cell phone for calls, you can listen to them.

Concealing yourself is a skill. If you plan on doing physical surveillance, not only should you look inconspicuous to the person being spied on but also regular enough for other people consider you as a passerby. The art of concealing yourself can be done by wearing clothes that do not scream spy, or obviously clothes that will draw attention. You also need to use tools like mobile pin cameras that you can just place on your bag, your clothes, hat or eyeglasses, even a pen. This will give you a great opportunity to record events in angles in which you dare not to look straight up.

Of course, the most important thing is discretion. No matter what happens, your information should never get into the hands of that person being spied on. If your room is a dead giveaway, then all your efforts can get lost. Discretion until the time of reveal is very important so when you do your spying, is sure to work with caution.